Open Data

Introduction to open data

To ensure compliance with the national open data policy issued by the National Data Management Office, the Saudi Space Agency made its public data available to everyone by disclosing it, and enabling access to it through its website and the national open data portal.


Open Data Policy

To view the national policy for open data issued by the Office of National Data Management, click here.


What is open data?

A specific set of general information – machine-readable – that is available to the public and without technical, financial or legal restrictions. Any individual or public or private entity can use or share it.


Objectives of publishing open data:

  •  Using data in research, development and innovation activities in the space field.
  • Developing websites and smart phone applications based on this data.
  • Understanding the entity’s work method, and enhance the concept of transparency.
  • Raising the level of knowledge in the field of space and enabling the use and benefit of the published data.


Terms of Use and Responsibility of Open Data Users

All site visitors have the right to view and reuse the available data sets at their own risk, subject to the following terms of use:

  • Not to use the data for political purposes, or to support illegal or criminal activity.
  • Not to misrepresent this data or its source.
  • Indicate the source of the information that has been reused by adding a link to the Agency’s website.


Open Data Library

To access the Agency’s open data library, please visit the National Open Data Portal


Open Data Request

To request more open data, please contact the Data Management and Governance Office via e-mail:


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