The Saudi Space Agency Holds Bilateral Meetings with Chinese Space Companies

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The Saudi Space Agency in the People’s Republic of China held bilateral meetings with government agencies, Chinese companies, and leaders of the space sector to discuss ways to enhance cooperation and build strategic partnerships in the fields of space technologies and industry and its future sectors in a way that serves common interests.

Where His Excellency the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Space Agency, Eng. Abdullah bin Amer Alsawaha, met in Beijing with the Chairman of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation to discuss opportunities for strategic cooperation and investment in future joint projects in the development of the space sector in the Kingdom.

A delegation from the Saudi Space Agency met with the leaders of the Chinese space companies MinoSpace, Galactic Energy, and CETC, to enhance areas of cooperation in satellite technologies, the spacecraft industry, and the development of satellite payloads. He also met with the leaders of GalaxySpace Company, a satellite manufacturer, and I-Space Company, a spacecraft manufacturer and developer, to discuss the future of partnership in the research and scientific fields and technical and technical cooperation in the space sector.

The agency’s visit to the People’s Republic of China aims to enhance means of cooperation in the space sector in the Kingdom by building on successful experiences in China, developing space industries with international technical standards based on innovation, and discussing areas of cooperation between the two sides in the transfer and localization of knowledge and contributing to the development of space industries in the Kingdom to achieve the strategic goals.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Space Agency works in partnership with various relevant international agencies and organizations to enhance the Kingdom’s global position in the space sector and improve its competitiveness by seizing promising opportunities resulting from the rapidly evolving needs of the space sector and its technologies.