Saudi Towards Space’ Exhibitions Secure Opportunity for Exploring, Learning about Space Science


معارض "السعودية نحو الفضاء" مساحة للاكتشاف والتعرف على علوم ورحلات الفضاء

The “Saudi Towards Space” exhibitions, organized by the Saudi Space Commission (SSC), aim to enhance visitors’ understanding of the space sector. These exhibitions are being held concurrently with the recent launch of two Saudi astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

The exhibitions, which run until the 1st of June, allow visitors to delve into the history of space flights and gain insight into the scientific and technical disciplines associated with space and its sciences. Additionally, they aim to cultivate interest in younger generations.

The exhibitions also highlight the Kingdom’s research contributions and scientific impact concerning the space sector. The exhibition activities held in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran target different segments and age groups as they enable visitors to be acquainted with the future and history of space.

The visitors also explore space, virtual reality games, astronaut training, and how astronauts sleep. The exhibitions allocate an area for answering the visitors’ questions through a group of scientists and experts and also hold educational workshops for students.