Towards New Horizons

to Develop and Strengthen the Space Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

About us

About the Saudi Space Agency

The Saudi Space Agency is the Kingdom’s champion responsible for developing and growing its space sector thereby positioning the Kingdom as a leader in space. Focused on supporting economic growth, stimulating innovation, and scientific research, the agency is making steady progress towards achieving its ambitious goals.

Through key initiatives that include specialized training programs to prepare Saudi astronauts, as well as building international strategic partnerships and developing a local space industry capable of supporting economic diversification and ensuring its sustainability. These efforts highlight the Saudi Space Agency's commitment to inspiring future generations and paving the way for them to make international contributions to the Kingdom's future within the global scientific community.

The Agency’s Objectives

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Developing, And Localizing Space Science And Technology

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The Peaceful Uses Of Space Industries And Technologies

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The Best Global Applications And Practices In The Fields Of Satellites And Exploratory Missions

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The Kingdom's Position To Be A Leading Regional And International Center In The Field Of Space

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Expertise And Knowledge Related To Science And Applied Space Research For Civil Purposes

The Agency’s Most Prominent Roles

Develop Satellite Systems And Technologies

Monitor And Track Space Objects And Debris

Execute Human Exploration And Operations Missions

Prepare And Support Studies And Research Related To The Space Sector And Its Technologies

Develop The Capabilities Of National Cadres In All Areas Of The Space Sector

Cooperate With International And Regional Bodies To Support The Space Sector Locally

Represent The Kingdom In Regional And International Events

Conclude Agreements And MoU Related To The Agency's Activities Locally And Internationally

Build Human And Technical Capabilities To Develop The Space Sector In The Kingdom

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