Frequently Asked Questions

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About us
What is the Saudi Space Agency?

A Saudi government agency directly linked to the Prime Minister. It is concerned with organizing and developing everything related to the space sector. The agency was created upon a Royal Decree on December 27, 2018.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of the Saudi Space Agency?
  1. Developing plans, policies and programs related to the space sector.
  2. Implementing the National Space Strategy.
  3. Organizing and developing satellite-related systems, including satellites for space agency services and information about the Earth’s surface and environment.
  4. Organizing and developing global navigation satellite systems for positioning, movements and time.
  5. Developing spacecraft launch technologies and related services.
  6. Seeking to enhance space security through space monitoring and tracking, space debris monitoring, early warning and, other related activities.
  7. Establishing requirements for the development and implementation of the space sector infrastructure and operation, including earth stations, spacecraft and semi-orbital flights.
  8. Organizing and developing all matters related to space science and exploration missions.
  9. Developing and nurturing national talents in the field of space science.
  10. Cooperating with related government and private agencies in other countries, as well as international organizations, all in accordance with the regular procedures.
  11. Representing the Kingdom in related international forums and events.
What are the roles of the Saudi Space Agency?

Leading the space sector
Preparing national policies and strategies and closely monitoring their implementation.

Regulating commercial activities
Regulating commercial activities in the space sector and preparing licensing systems and regulations to ensure compliance.

Enabling the space sector
Financial support, human capital development and infrastructure as well as private sector participation and coordination with government, private agencies and academic institutions.

Representing the space sector
Supporting the implementation of space activities
The Saudi Space Agency is working to implement and manage strategic programs and projects and support national initiatives of high value.

Research and Development (R&D)
The Saudi Space Agency will work on developing the space sector in the Kingdom through managing and financing the research and development program.

What are the goals of the Kingdom's space policy?

-Encouraging economic development and innovation: Encouraging the national space sector to promote the development of technologies and contribute to the diversification and sustainability of the local economy.

-Human Capital Development: Supporting and developing local talent, specifically in the field of space technology in the Kingdom.

-Enhancing national security: Using space infrastructure and technologies to protect citizens from natural disasters and other natural phenomena.

-Enhancing international cooperation: Increasing the participation of the government, the private sector, academia and research facilities in international space networks in a manner that enhances the Kingdom’s regional and global participation.

The agency is just starting, how will it continue to make progress in the space field?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not new in the space sector. Since the journey of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz to space, the Kingdom has been continuously working on research and development programs in the space sector. The establishment of the Saudi Space Agency is a continuation of the efforts that our wise leadership has been putting into achieving leadership in the field internationally and regionally.
Through the leadership of the Board of Directors, which includes members from various government entities related to the space sector, the agency is working to continue this effort to achieve the required leadership.

What is the Ajyal Space Project?

A program to develop, train and retain the human capital in the space sector aiming to qualify Saudi competencies from all age groups which are compatible with the needs of the labor market. The program includes developing curricula and workshops as well as providing professional technical training and study abroad scholarship opportunities in the space sector.

Will you aim to train and qualify Saudi youngsters as astronauts?

We have a program that seeks to create capable national talents in the field of space and space sciences in association with international space agencies. Program details will be disclosed in due course.

What is the role of the agency in creating jobs in the space sector?

The development of human capital is one of the main goals of the agency through preparing and qualifying national competencies to work in the space sector through Ajyal Project.

Economic Effects
What are the non-economic effects of the space sector in Saudi Arabia?

●      Improving the quality of life for citizens through the services, technologies and products that the space sector provides.

●      Increasing the level of security to mitigate natural disasters and other risks.

●      Providing new investment opportunities for the private sector.

●      Diversifying the Saudi economy by introducing new investment opportunities.

●      Developing Saudi talent skills.

●      Creating a stimulating environment for innovation and research projects.

●      Localizing industries in the space sector and reducing dependence on non-Saudi suppliers.

●      Representation of the kingdom in the international community and strengthening relationships by supporting and developing the space sector.

What are the economic effects of the space sector?

●      Increasing the Kingdom’s GDP.

●      Providing quality jobs in the space sector, directly or otherwise.

●      Introducing economic industries and sectors that contribute to the diversification of the economy.

●      Providing investment opportunities and encouraging the private sector to participate.

●      Localizing knowledge and import space technology to the Kingdom.

Will the agency have commercial activities?

Governmental and private sector companies will undertake all commercially viable space activities and some of the activities that are likely to be commercially viable in the future, while the agency undertakes non-commercially viable activities of strategic importance.

Since the agency is newly created, are there any vacancies?

The Saudi Space Agency will announce any job opportunities as they become available, and you can fill in the online form here, which will be the reference in the event of job vacancies.