Privacy Policy

Introduction to Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection

The Saudi Space Agency has established a privacy policy to protect personal data, aligning with the National Data Management and Governance policies of the National Data Management Office. This ensures that personal information is handled securely and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The policy aims to protect personal data and set clear guidelines for how it is collected, used, and disclosed. By using the agency's website and services, you are agreeing to adhere to the agency's privacy policy, data confidentiality, as well as privacy and data protection policies and regulations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Scope of Policy Application

This Policy Applies To All Personal Data Gathered Via The Agency's Website, Official Communication Channels, And When Utilizing The Provided Services. Its Aim Is To Improve The User Experience And Provide Top-Quality Services.

This policy shall not be applicable to the direct collection of personal data – without informing the Data Subject - or its processing other than the purpose for which personal data has been collected or disclosed – without Data Subject’s consent – or transferred outside the Kingdom, for the following cases:

  • If the Data controller is a government entity and the collection or processing of personal data is required for security purposes, to enforce another law, to fulfill judicial requirements, or to fulfill an obligation under an agreement to which the Kingdom is a party.
  • If the collection or processing of personal data is necessary to protect public health or safety or to protect the vital interests of individuals.

Personal Data Collected

The agency gathers and processes the following personal information:

Account Data: Information related to your account, including login credentials such as usernames and passwords, as well as contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses, and residential addresses.

Technical Data: Details concerning your online presence, including your Internet Protocol (IP) address, visit date and time, browser type, and the URL of any website that directed you to the agency's website. When you visit the website, we also retain cookies on your device's hard drive. These cookies contain information that the website can access as needed during your future visits to the site.

Sharing Personal Data

Personal Data Will Only Be Shared or Disclosed with the Consent of The Data Owner And based on a legal basis or justified practical need, or where sharing the personal data aims to achieve a public interest without causing any harm to national interests, entities activities, individuals’ privacy, or the environment safety, excluding the data or entities that are exempted by royal decree.

Storage of Personal Data

The Saudi Space Agency Stores and Processes Personal Data Within the Kingdom's Geographical Boundaries to Protect the Digital National Sovereignty of This Data. Your Personal Information Is Securely Stored at the Agency and through secure solutions of cloud computing services.

To contact the Data Governance team, Email: [email protected]


Relevant legislation

National Data Governance Policies Issued By The National Data Management Office.


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