About Agency

The Council of Ministers Resolution approved the Saudi Space Agency statute for the importance of focusing on industry and innovation in the space sector

The Council of Ministers Resolution has been issued for the approval of The Saudi Space Agency statute, which is considered as a step towards a more innovative and forward-looking future for the latest technologies and opportunities in the Saudi space sector.

The Saudi Space Agency’s objectives align with the Kingdom’s aspirations for a more advanced quality of life, as they align with its vision to create better and safer environments for its citizens while creating new opportunities for more profitable innovations that support the Saudi economy.

The Saudi Space Agency’s strategy requires determining a set of primary goals that focus on space science and exploratory missions, creating new opportunities in the sector, and empowering national cadres to achieve growth and progress in a way that serves the country and humanity.

The Agency’s Objectives:


developing, and localizing space science and technology 


the peaceful uses of space industries and technologies 


the best global applications and practices in the fields of satellites and exploratory missions


the Kingdom's position to be a leading regional and international center in the field of space science and technology


expertise and knowledge related to science and applied space research for civil purposes 

The Agency’s Most Prominent Roles:


satellite systems and technologies 


and track space objects and debris 


human exploration and operations missions 


and support studies and research related to the space sector and its technologies 


the capabilities of national cadres in all areas of the space sector 


with international and regional bodies to support the space sector locally 


the Kingdom in regional and international events 


agreements and MoU related to the Agency's activities locally and internationally 


human and technical capabilities to develop the space sector in the Kingdom